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I was thinking the other day about how sengoku is no longer the vice admiral. He resigned, probably because he had lost faith in the world government after not being able to warn the world about blackbeards nwew recruits. he seemed like one of the few marines who didnt follow absolute justice.

Where in the world is Sengoku? I thoguht it would be neat if he joined the the revolutionaries.

The revolutioanry army is all about defeating the world government, which might be along sengoku's goals now.

Also, X drake. How cool, a former marine turned pirate. He seems to especially hate the marines, and i have to wonder waht hes doing on one of kaidou's island.

my prediction, is that in the end of one piece, the revolutionary army plus their allies such as the strawhats, and maybe some marines will declare the war on the world government, who get more evil and corrupt the more you learn about them. Just think, nico robin is after the True History, which gol roger found. I cant wait to find some answers.

What do you think?