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Whats the deal with technology in one piece? I mean, on one hand we have small villages, no cars, airplanes, or other engines, then we have sea trains, televsion, snail radio and more. Of course, This is simply a work of fiction, but lets analyse it..

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seahshells? or nanotechnology?

Technology seems to differ greatly depending on where you are. The east blue, Arabasta, mermaa island, skypia, and the grand line all have vastly dirrefet technology. From animals that serve as commuications, to sea shells that do ANYTHING, its kind of odd. Franky and Tom built things with engines, and build machines, but we have never seen anything of the like before the SH's got to water 7.Dr. vegapunk is capable of creating assualt robots, but no one has a freaking computer.

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Night of the Living Snails

So why is this? For some reason, TECHNOLOGY AND INVENTIONS DO NOT TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD. The only things that have are Guns, Snails, and Ships. (sounds like the anme of a good book). So why is this? Does the world government try to prevent the flow of knowledge? Or is it just hard becasue the world is made of islands?

What do you think?