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Its definitley Hachi

Kraykan May 11, 2011 User blog:Kraykan

I was the first to say it, and ill say it again.

hachi has to be the next crew member. here's why:

1. He is a fishman, the strawhats all all about diversity. Cyborg, df users, a cyborg, reindeer, thieves bounty hunters, the undead, why not a fishman?

2. Hos fighting, he is not the best swordsman, but perhaps knows fishman karate. he also has the powers of an octopus, (or squid?) and he can swim and fight under water, somthing no one else can do as well as a fishman.

3. He's in the middle of the story arc, and is trying to help the strawhats.

4. He's a former villain, and there were rumors that the next sh would be one.

5. He's funny. The best part of the Sh's are all of their various character quirks. From his stupidity to his way of talkign, hes a loveable character.

So do you think? is it hachi, or someone else? put who you think.

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