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Sorry for the title, but i thought it was funny. if any of you are offended, dont hesistate to yell at a complete stranger in the comments below.

Something i have noticed in one piece as far back as i can remember, ( about 3 days) is that there is a large difference in sizes. Here is my theory: There are three different size classes for each race. Normal, Large, Gigantic. With pictures added for your convienance!


Normal: the SH's. Many marines. normal people. Think east blue, these are everyday humans.

Large: This would be the three admirals. Hannyabal. Blackbeard and his crew. Crocodile. Doflamingo. Jozu. Garp. Sengoku, the list goes on and on. These are weirdos who really draw attention in a crowd.

Luffy Meets Blackbeard

His teeth are larger than his eyes...

Gigantic: These are freaks who you cant help but stare at. Their size is legendary, as is their power. Examples include Magellan, Kuma, Moriah, Whitebeard, Kairiki destroyers, and others. If you see them, run.

Five Shichibukai at Marineford

Forget the will of d. The real mystery is how do they even fit on these chairs.

Franky Family and Giants

yet compared to giants, they suck.

[[File:804px-Whitebeard_height_comparison.jpg|left|thumb|370px|Marco is skinnier than his freaking leg!]


Normal: well, most giants actually. The giant squad. Dory, Broggy, you get the picture.

Large: Oars, and little oars junior.

Gigantic: Sanjuan wolf. WOW.[[File:Oz_comparison.PNG|thumb|290px|wtf oars!] Yet he still hides from tens of thousands of people.

[[File:San_Juan_Wolf_portrait.jpg|thumb|left|304px|Ultimate hide and seek player. he is a ninja]

Fishmen/Mermen/I dont really know the difference:

Normal: Arlongs crew, hachi, chew, most merman that you know. Also, Keimi, Tom, Kokoro. These guys are already laarge compared to humnas, but hey are still shrimps. ( no pun intended)

Large: I think that arlong is larger than most of his crew, the Threee merman pricnes, Neptune, Hordy Jones and Van Der Decken. Also Hamburg and Pickles. These guys are practically real life sea monsters. PS: we're gonna nedd a bigger boat.

Gigantic: Shirahoshi. She takes the cake for being the largest merfolk alive. Big Pan, the largest fishman alive.
Brook, Neptune, Usopp, and Zoro Captured by the New Fishman Pirates

Gotta love the epic beard.

[[File:Shirahoshi's_Size.jpg|thumb|left|245px|A BIG crybaby]

Groggy Monsters

Big, Bigger, and, hoh boy, thats biggest!

So thats my extensive theory. It took about an hour to make this blog. I hope you scurvy dogs apreaciate, and tell me what you think about it in the comments.