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Hyodis new power!

Kraykan June 30, 2011 User blog:Kraykan

I kinda went overboard with my title, but just try saying it 3 times fast! :)

anyway, the news is that i figured out somthing about hyodi. His noose, or weakness, is from the energy steroids. Coupled with zolo's attack, he is in bad condition, and overdosing on the roids.

So whats up? it that he is getting haki. specifically, Haoshoku haki. I think it's the same kind that shirahoshi has. Although it hasnt been identified as haki, it is controlling creaures, just like luffy did to motobaro when he fought duval.

So why do i think this? at the end of 630, while hyodi is freakin out, the sea beasts are responding, and its said he controls them. His extreme shock, just like Coby, is giving him accsess to it. Pretty crazy no?

So thats my prediction. Anyone Else?
Coby Being Treated After the Battle

At least i wasn't high on merman crack!

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