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First of All, i just want to say how good it is to be back. I had to much hiomework to mess around on the wiki, but i hope that can cahnge from now on. I have lots of ideas, questions, and more to share

Now! You get to crete your own gomu gomu no attack! Yayyyy! everyone knows that luffy has a wide variety of attacks, so tell me somthing you would like to see him do!

Heres my example

Name: Gomy Gomu no slingshot

Desrciption: Luffy stretches his hand out far towards a target, and grabs on. He uses his fuusen move thats the (ballon thing) and launches him self like a cannonball at his target. He may also use it with gear 3. the attack would not only hurt the opponent, but send them flying away.

What seperates it from other attacks,/ how it is special. It does not only do damage, it is capable of making distant between you and your opponent. It is also the first offensive fuusen move.

If i get enough responses, i will pick my favorite, and maybe make a poll