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The chapters showing the straw hats fighting the leaders of the Fish man pirates were awesome. Except for who they fought.

I thought that luffy and Zoro's fights were good. Sanji teaming up with jinbe was suprising and cool. brook vs zeo will be great. But i think that Ussop, franky, and choppers fights were odd.

I had really hoped to see deckedn vs ussop.

I think that Dosun and Ikaros should have been switched.

Then there is daruma. Why would ussop fight her, when she is so similar to ms merry christmas? i thought nami or robin would fight her. But they dont even fight specific people at all. What a disapointment.

Not to mention the fact that franky is fighting in a mecha. It's cool, but i wanted to see his new powers.

I realize that an author can not please everyone. Everybody has their own opinion about what should happen. But is there anyone out there who agrees with me?

Was anyone else dissapointed?