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  • Koroneo16

    After dressrosa we go to zou for a small arc and then we head for one of the biggest and more amazing arcs the wano kuni arc! there we will see incredible allies,Kaido,Big mom,Shanks,All supernovas,And of course vegapunk which leads to the return of bartholomew kuma! Kaido's appearance also means the return of ghekko's moria crew because we have heard many times about his wish for revenge and now its time to get it! i very recently from a blogger here that oda said that two persons will join strawhats one after another! so if we dont have any new member at dressrosa that means that my previous theory would be correct if we see perona with ghekko moria's crew and bartholomew kuma returning! i think kuma or perona are gonna be next strawhat!…

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