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    Fated Battles

    September 6, 2010 by Kingoyaks

    As One Piece has grown in both length and cast size, Oda has created dozens of rivals and enemies for the Straw Hats. Can you help me figure out which battles we absolutely have to see before the manga can end?

    Luffy vs. Kidd (both Supernovas, diametrically opposed in their view of a good Pirate)

    Luffy vs. Smoker (I could see this being one of his first battles after the training arc. Though I really expect the first battle to be the Straw Hats meeting at Shabondy and each defeating a Pacifista.

    Luffy vs. Magellan (Revenge for Impel Down and for Bon Clay)

    Luffy vs. Sentoumaru (He beat Luffy back at Shabondy)

    Luffy vs. Akainu (Ace grudge match!)

    Luffy vs. Aokiji (Revenge for what he did while trying to capture Robin)

    Luffy vs. Kizaru (He and Sento…

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