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I know this is on everyones minds as much as it is on mine. Is there any way to get One Piece Movie 10: Strong World to be releasred over here in America (or Europe, for our devout European friends ;) )? Seriously, I have waited months just to read the plot summary, and still nothing! I can't seem to find any torrents or streams of the movie online either. I'm sure plenty of fans are willing to dish out a couple bucks to see this movie. Heck, if funimation was willing toi release Movie 8, maybe we can convince them to do the same with 10. It's the same situation with Chapter 0 as well. How can we, the fans, be denied such pivotal background information (in an official, series-supporting form)?! Lets hear what ya'll have to say. --Kingluffy1 00:45, June 3, 2010 (UTC)