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I never fully realized how emotionally attached I am to this series. I barely survived a month without it and when chapter 598 was finally released, I found myself absolutely infuriated that someone had the gall to impersonate the Strawhats to capitalize on their fame and success and tarnish the real Strawhats's good name! HOW DARE THEY! I am comforted however by the fact the imposters are too stupid to recognize the real deal and are going to have their asses handed to them!

Other moments that shows One Piece's volume of emotion for me include, but not limited to: 1. Luffy defeating Arlong 2. Openly defying the World Government (one many levels), particularlly burning the flag at Enies Lobby 3. Convincing Robin to live 4. Punching out a world noble (I stood up and cheered when it happend) 5. Death of Ace (a big one for all of us I think)

What are some moments ya'll truly feel impacted your lives emotionally? These should be moments where you find yourself brimming with so much emotion that you shake, no matter how many times you reread that particular event.