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  • Kibble123

    Chopper film z outfit?

    October 20, 2014 by Kibble123

    So after watching One Piece Film Z, I really loved Chopper's little costume where he wore a little mexican sombrero thing. i wanted to draw the outfit so i looked online for the outfit layout, but I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. I typed in every keyword I could think of on google and couldn't find a decent picture, the closest thing I could find was a close up of his face while in the outfit.

    He wears this outfit while Nami, Usopp and Robin are undercover; robin is dancing on stage, nami (as a child) is serving drinks, and Usopp as Robin's mannager (his outfit is rediculous by the way XD). I believe Chopper is polishing someones shoe? not sure, but he is adorable and i even looked on the wiki and couldnt find a picture of that outfit anywhere. Wh…

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