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My nephew recently came to my country for a little summer vacation time, he is three to four years old and he has been here for only three days. But in such a short period he has been able to remind me of One Piece and Eiichiro Oda's stories more than once. First day he arrived he was telling me (well, he can't talk fluently but he understands things and explains them pretty good) about a drawing he did while he was in the plane, of an enormous island all over the clouds he could see from the window, this reminded me, unquestionably, of Skypiea. On the second day, ergo, yesterday, he was eating a macedonia after launch, and he was playing to a sort of "this fruit makes me be this animal" which reminded me of Devil Fruits. Today I was playing with him in the swimming pool and he was inventing types of "monsters" I should be so I imitated it. One of his Ideas was "a train in the water", which reminded me of Water Seven. And also today, in the swimming pool, I teached him to play with the hands like, don't know if you've ever done this but if you move your hands fast in the water you feel like a little whirlwind tube-formed in the zone of water you moved, just like when you get close to the swimming pool filters that move water and you feel it, and after some minutes he started to do "oriental fighting" poses like Karate or Wu-shu, which certainly reminded me of Gyojin Karate. All this references happened in only THREE days, and he will be here for one entire month, so I imagine i will have time to remember many many more One Piece things thanks to him.

So you might ask yourself, 'well, what is the point of all this?', right?.

I will answer that with a very useful example, a quote from the famous painter Pablo Picasso. He Said: "It took me more than 40 years to create my painting style, because I had been all my life trying to think and paint in the same way I did when I was a child."

The state of 'genius' can be granted to people who have trepassed this barrier, those who can make their inventive minds fly to their own worlds. Imagination is a power that can be transmited through art. And during chilhood you will have a much better imagination than ever else during your whole life.

Having my little 3 years old nephew reminding me constantly of Eiichiro Oda and One Piece makes me clearly think of one only thing: Oda is a genius that could climb over that wall and take his imagination back to the 'genius' state of childhood, imagining, inventing, creating, drawing and writing his, undoublty AWESOME STORIES.

One Piece is a Masterpiece.