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    Catalina Devon trivia

    November 1, 2014 by Kem7

    over the summer I was reading Aztec Blood by Gary Jennings  its a historical fiction. any ways there was a charicter called Catalina de Erauso who is based on the real life adventurer Catlina de Erauso. In the book she was a complete bad ass, in the way blackbeard is. any ways I checked out a summery of her life on wikapedea...  she was forced by her by her family to enter the monistary as nun in training at 4. she ran away from the monistary right before her comfermation (15).  She dressed up as a man and went to the new world as a soldier. after a few battles she pulled a mulan and got caught impersonating a man. Her  story was so impressive to every one back in Europe she was invited to meet the pope.  

    by the way I think all blackbeards…

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