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  • KeisariApaSetä

    About the moon

    January 5, 2018 by KeisariApaSetä

    Was re-reading some One Piece when I noticed an interesting thing about the moon sycle.

    Carrot used the power of the full moon to get a major power up couple of chapters ago and it was foreshadowed already in zou but here is the interesting part. In chapter 811 it is shown that there is a full moon, but it is hidden by the sky so thei are lucky. But therein lies the problem. From full moon to another, it takes a whole month, at least from where I'm from, but the trip from Zou to Whole Cake Island only lasted for a week or so.

    So did Oda make a mistake, is the moon cycle different in the world of One Piece or is the translation wrong about the moon in chapter 811?

    P.S. Did anyone else wonder about when Sanji kicked Luffy's tooth of, was the to…

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  • KeisariApaSetä

    Let me first make a disclaimer. The following text is purely My own thoughts and hypothesis. If you don't like it, don't hate Me for it. You are welcome to leave productive comments but please, no hating Me for this.

    So My theory is that Nami is a member of the D.

    First you might think that it's impossible for many reasons but hear me out.

    Yes I know that she doesn't have the initial D. on her name but if you think about her past, it gives us a explanation. In chapter 77 Genzo tells Nami that Bellemere was in a war somewhere in a brink of death when Nojiko apeared in front of her carrying an infant. Nojiko tells that she's not her sister and Bellemere takes them both with her back to Cocoyashi Village. So we don't know anything about Namis re…

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