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In the recent chapter (851), Pudding, while continuing her insults and mockery towards Sanji, enjoyed thrashing over Sanji's attempted proposal and his love towards her. Wow, although Pudding is scum, she really is a master of trickery lol. This kind of bitch who enjoys "savouring" people's reactions when they find themselves backstabbed by this same "cute and harmless" woman whom they trusted. I believe our hatred for Pudding has been greatly fueled thanks to this chapter. I just hope she don't pull another Viola, she should stick on one side. (Evil side)

Moving on to Sanji. unbeknownst to that Pudding and her soul companions, Sanji has been hearing all this vicious shit, we should shed a tear for him, adding the heavy rain which somehow boosts the "sad" environment, we see Sanji crying for the first time in 2 years since he left Baratie. I can see that Sanji is highly heartbroken and disappointed...... But can he turn all these accumulated feelings into hatred and wrath for "that girl"? I fear that Pudding will act good again and this will be CP9 saga Kalifa all over again. He cannot even attack her.........