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First I'll start by sending a video link.....It sparked the idea, so i decided to share......Here .

It's highly possible that Human DNA and Monster / Animal / Random DNA was extracted by Judge and he created a new species of "New Humans", which they have special abilities, which we now call the Vinsmoke Family .

Vinsmoke Reiju -  "Poison Pink" - Ability to control poison and absorb stated substance.    

Origins..... I don't know.... A moth perhaps?

Vinsmoke Ichiji -  "Sparking Red" - Hybrid Metal / Human?

Origins...... Extracted from metals? stainless steel or whatsoever it could be.

Vinsmoke Niji -  "Electric Blue" - Ability to generate electricity from any part of the body and use it against opponents. (See ch 840 pg 12)

Origins...... Taken from Electric eels? other than that i can't really guess.

Sanji  -  Remember the element of his Diable Jambe ? I'm guessing he wasn't totally useless, just that his ability kicked in really late. At 19 years old which was before the time skip. It's possible he learnt his Diable Jambe sometime earlier, but he doesn't want to show it to others. I'm guessing here he has the ability to control fire, seeing that he doesn't get hurt or anything while under Diable Jambe.

Origins...... All i can speculate his DNA was merged with a fire producing creature, which may be similar to the dragon Luffy encountered in Punk hazard.

Vinsmoke Yonji - Not much infomation was shown about him, especially about his abiliities and such.

All we know that he is named "Winch Green".