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  • Keekian

    Today i would like to discuss about the possibility of Dragon being a former marine. Let's say he has a significant rank in the past, let's say Vice Admiral,

    1) Dragon cares for Robin more than his own son.

    2) During the Ohara incident, he captured Robin's Father, his future wife and some others.

    3) Robin's father told him the origins of dragon's D name, and how D's are hunted down by the world government.

    4) Dragon let the archaeologists go free, while cooperating with them in the Marines. (Finding the truth)

    5) Eventually the marines encountered the archaeologists and they killed robin's father, I'm pretty sure Dragon was present during the attack.

    6) Dragon saved many archaeologists such as Nico Oliva and his future wife, but couldnt save Ro…

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  • Keekian

    One Piece SBS 85

    April 29, 2017 by Keekian

    Question: There are some characters who resemble Opera in chapter 845.

    Oda: Big Mom is 68 years old now. She was giving birth to babies about for 42 years.

    Opera was born as quintuplets.

    Opera (5th son)

    Counter (6th son)

    Cadenza (7th son)

    Cavarette (8th son)

    Gara (9th son)

    The highest record of Big Mom's multiple births is 10 (one more than nonuplets) children at one time. The children are now 18 years old.

    Question: If Doflamingo took off his glasses, how would he look like?

    Oda: Another glasses appear under the glasses instantly. (Oda draws the pic. lol)

    Question: You said Zoro doesn't eat ice in the previous SBS, but he ate it in chapter 701.

    Oda: Maybe the person in chapter 701 is not Zoro..


    Inuarashi (October 11st)

    Sora (July 9th)

    Pandaman …

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  • Keekian

    Speaking based on my experience, Luffy tend to fk up stuff in the One Piece world. Example:Luffy cooking in the recent episode. However, if his naïve & childish nature was completely removed from his personality, what do you guys think will happen instead?

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  • Keekian

    From what i see, she started to hate the World Government & possibly the people of her town because they tricked her saviour, Fisher Tiger into a death trap. Is that the main reason why she joined the Revolutionaries?  

    PS : I wanted to add this on the koala page but was afraid that it might get undone, since its speculation after all.

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  • Keekian

    Sanji's Sorrow

    December 29, 2016 by Keekian

    In the recent chapter (851), Pudding, while continuing her insults and mockery towards Sanji, enjoyed thrashing over Sanji's attempted proposal and his love towards her. Wow, although Pudding is scum, she really is a master of trickery lol. This kind of bitch who enjoys "savouring" people's reactions when they find themselves backstabbed by this same "cute and harmless" woman whom they trusted. I believe our hatred for Pudding has been greatly fueled thanks to this chapter. I just hope she don't pull another Viola, she should stick on one side. (Evil side)

    Moving on to Sanji. unbeknownst to that Pudding and her soul companions, Sanji has been hearing all this vicious shit, we should shed a tear for him, adding the heavy rain which somehow b…

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