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  • Keekian

    Hi fellow one piece readers. Let's refresh our memory.

    The last page of chapter 694, where doflamingo flies while saying 

    "so punk hazard is still there..... not yet exploded. Baby 5, buffalo, please stall that cyborg, i'll be there soon."

    From what i see he don't care about his crew's lifes, since he ordered monet to destroy the entire island through explosion of gases, despite baby 5 & buffalo being there.

    Despite all this, he thanked vergo for all his years of service..... maybe because he is higher ranked? what do you guys think about all this? Does doflamingo give a shit about his crew's lives?

    PS: i was going to edit the mingo page, but idk what to write. Can someone edit for me? thx

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  • Keekian

    Zeff's life threatened

    October 9, 2016 by Keekian

    I had this idea since last night, even if Luffy crash the wedding and take Sanji successfully, the Germa and the big mum crew still have a card up their hands, and that is Zeff's life. 

    They could possibly say something like "Once you take a step off this island, I'll make sure that man die a bloody death". Which means Luffy have to trash either Judge or Big mum herself to end the threat.

    What do you guys think? tell me in the comments.

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  • Keekian

    First I'll start by sending a video link.....It sparked the idea, so i decided to share......Here .

    It's highly possible that Human DNA and Monster / Animal / Random DNA was extracted by Judge and he created a new species of "New Humans", which they have special abilities, which we now call the Vinsmoke Family .

    Vinsmoke Reiju -  "Poison Pink" - Ability to control poison and absorb stated substance.    

    Origins..... I don't know.... A moth perhaps?

    Vinsmoke Ichiji -  "Sparking Red" - Hybrid Metal / Human?

    Origins...... Extracted from metals? stainless steel or whatsoever it could be.

    Vinsmoke Niji -  "Electric Blue" - Ability to generate electricity from any part of the body and use it against opponents. (See ch 840 pg 12)

    Origins...... Taken fro…

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  • Keekian

    Possible future? Source from Oda's graphic designer, translated from Japanese. (It may suck since it's machine translated i think) :

    Even if it's really fake, it can serve as a source of entertainment for you guys.:

    Luffy will beat cracker but he's severely wounded and unconscious, then they manage to get out of the forest because nami kept abusing lola's vivre card. Sanji was able to reconcile with family and the vinsmokes uncuffed him and defended him from big mam's crew. (Looks like Bullshit to be honest) Strawhats were able to reunite with Sanji with the help of pudding & Jinbei managed to join the strawhats, they soon escaped big m0m's territory and went to Wano kingdom where preparations were made to attack Kaido. ;

    The attack was sche…

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  • Keekian

    Here is My Opinion

    July 31, 2015 by Keekian

    Here's what i think of Kaido's power.. Yeah, Oars and the others are a special giant....I guess Kaido has Oars bloodline and I definitely remember someone saying Oars is 4x The size of Giants...So hahaha..... However Kaido's armor is too tough and clad all over his body as if he is from a planet with higher gravity...Maybe x10-x20 as he can survive from a drop from sky island...damn i think of DBZ lol

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