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  • Kdom

    Satoshi Kon

    August 30, 2010 by Kdom

    Damn, I only watched Perfect Blue and Paprika but he was instantly one of my favorite manga artist. Why did he passed away so young ? That's a very sad news for animation.

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  • Kdom

    Well, like every French from my generation (yes I'm French, so sorry for the grammar faults and also some of the links are to Frensh sites), I have been introduced to Japan animation with the standards Captain Future-Albator-Goldorak and the French/Japan masterpiece Golden cities. Also later on, there was the Club Dorothée which was at almost 100% made by Japanese stuff like City Hunter, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya.

    Growing up, I forgot about all that, and it just became a topic of dicussion when you would sing the old generics with your friends. On the contrary I never stop reading Bande Dessinée (yes I was one of this annoying guys who sit at the Fnac never buying an album). Well, in France, we are lucky since Bande dessinée are very popular…

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