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All right skip to the chase..

after tashigi came to help zoro fight monet. zoro knowing thats it's dangerous tell tashigi to get out of here. tashigi who think's zoro is to soft on girls thinking thst monet will will zoro inthis fight refused to go. then tashigi had a falsh back of when she found out about zoro, obviously tashigi carries feeling for zoro :D. zoro see wat tashigi is doing sit beside the corrider making sure his crew escape ,same time monet ina huge ugly humaniod bird from..thinking she know's zoro weakness and can rip him to shreds acting tashigi with snow rabbitsif you ask me its a total LAME attack ......bla bla bla bla bla monet bit tashigi see that monets defeating tashigi trow some kind of share object cutting her on her cheek,monet let go of tashigi" you talk big but you talk long said zoro standing up on is feet's.NOW FOR THE BEST PART * ilove this part the most :D*..zoro asking monet have you ever seen a wild animal.. that you can guarantee will never bite a person , i haven't swiftly zoro came at monet... monet crying out "HE"S GOING TO CUT ME*zoro cut monet in half with daishinkan(*graet dragon movement). tashigi out her eye's in amaze.. are you satisfied you too.. zoro walk's off.* tashigi thinging to her self*from the fear towards an overwhelmingly powerful enemy!!! you can win a battle like this.just what have the SH'S been doing in the 2 years they disappeared and just how strong have they all gotten?!.