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  • Kaizokuking

    Luffys real bounty

    October 13, 2010 by Kaizokuking

    the strawhats are badass but what i hate is that the world government wont give luffy any credit for his accomplishments. after he defeated crocodile the cover ups started. they defeated Moria and they said they had to cover it up so the shishibukai woudnt look weak. well theres too much crap too name and you all probaly know what im talkin about. i think his bounty now should be at least 700 mil. to me he could already have the power of a just sayin oda didnt do luffy justice so what do ya guys think his bounty should be?

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  • Kaizokuking

    Den Den Mushi

    October 4, 2010 by Kaizokuking

    This mornin i was takin a shower and my phone went off and i thought man i need a new ringtone. and you all know that one piece is so badass that it can penetrate any train of thought so now im lookin for the den den mushi ringtone. You guys know where i can get it? Also i think itd be sick if they made den den mushi phones.

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  • Kaizokuking

    New Admiral

    October 1, 2010 by Kaizokuking

    Now that Sengoku is outta the picture who do you think is top dog? Kizaru is too lazy and laid back so i dont think it's him. Aokiji was recommended and considered but i dont think he has the balls to do what Akainu did. So I think it;s Akainu i hate the bastard but he's the best for the job. And id love to see Luffy avenge Ace and whoop his ass. I think its on his to do list.

    Luffy's To Do List

    1. Reunite with the Crew

    2. Take out Akainu

    3. Topple Marines and World Government

    4. Become Pirate King

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  • Kaizokuking

    My Fantasy

    September 30, 2010 by Kaizokuking

    Everyone here is pumped for the New World right? Theres no doubt that im the biggest one piece nerd ever. I was just dreamin about who i would like to fight the most. Needless to say id get my ass handed to me but i would love to fight Sanji and Luffy. Im curious as to how much they grew so everyone else out there who is a fight maniac post who youd like to fight.

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  • Kaizokuking


    September 28, 2010 by Kaizokuking

    i think cp9 is makin a come back. Sooner or later but first they gotta lick their wounds they all thought they were the best and they got handled. I think since Lucci believes that justice prevails hes gonna wanna know why he lost. Hell keep diggin and find out that the Marines are the badguys (or at least i think so cause of whathappened in Ohara) So Lucci will get pissed and either besome a Pirate or join the revolutionaries. What do you guys think?

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