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To all who follow one piece whether just the anime or the Manga, we have gone through the tribulations and the jubilation.

After reading the latest chapter of the Manga I could not help but go back and read the Arlong arc chapters, and to my amazement I cant believe how well it was written it was like Oda-Sensai knew that Arlong was associated with the Sun Pirates who’s “boss” was enslaved by the World Nobles (humans), the way he treated Nami (most notably leading her into false hope of being free as well as enslaving her to draw him a maps) shows the hatred that was fostered inside of him during his childhood, and might have come to fruition once Fisher Tiger rejected the human blood and choose to die.

Going from chapter 623 all the way back to chapter 69 (introduction of Arlong park and Arlong) shows us that we did not understand the whole story of Arlong, this amazing return to Arlong Park made me question all the unanswered questions that we have left behind while following the adventures of Luffy and co.

These are some question that cam to my mind, the candy factories of big mom, are they found on every corner of the new world; are the Whitebeard pirates still around or have each of the commanders become a captain in his/her own right; why Kuma went under the knife to become a cyborg.

I have got many more but I would be boring you with them all, this was written as an observation of what has happened and what I feel will happen in near future as Oda-Sensai has proven that he leaves “no stone unturned’