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  • Kaizoku Kidd the Scot

    The highly anticipated release of the new Data Book, sequal of the One Piece Green Data Book. I was wondering if anyone here knows What Oda was talking about when he mentioned that in the Deep Blue / Blue Deep Data Book, that he shall reveal "THAT STORY".

    What does he mean by THAT STORY?????

    pleae respond if you have any idea...

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  • Kaizoku Kidd the Scot

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    To all who follow one piece whether just the anime or the Manga, we have gone through the tribulations and the jubilation.

    After reading the latest chapter of the Manga I could not help but go back and read the Arlong arc chapters, and to my amazement I cant believe how well it was written it was like Oda-Sensai knew that Arlong was associated with the Sun Pirates who’s “boss” was enslaved by the World Nobles (humans), the way he treated Nami (most notably leading her into false hope of being free as well as enslaving her to draw him a maps) shows the hatre…

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