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hey what is everyones opinions on the yonkos powers and abilities and bounties and what not? I think that the yonko have bounties of 1,000,000,000 or more cause if all the yonko are about equal to whitebeard or shanks then that would make sense cause plus they have lots of influance in the new world and are in charge of really powerful crews. also this is my opinion but this is what i think the yonkos powers are or what they mainly use to fight

Shanks- haki

Kaido- zoan fruit(i hope it would be a tiger or maybe a mythical zoan)

Big Mom- logia(but probably some weird logia if she did) or maybe paramecia

Black Beard- Logia and Paramecia(darkness and earthquake) plus whatever other df he has gotten over the 2 year time skip

i think that also all their crews are insanly strong just look at the crews we have seen so far like WBs crew had 16 commanders and Aces bounty was only 550,000,000 had he was only the second strongest and the other 15 were probably about the same. Or Shanks his crew, even though we havnt seen them in battle, seem really strong and BB his crew is half made up of level six impel down prisoners who are probably about as strong as ace and people like the shichibukai if not stronger and he probably got some more people over the 2 year time skip

this is all my opinion so dont judge