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What do you guys think will happen later in one piece. I mean any ideas are good. Like will Zoro get better swords or what types of islands or enemies wil lthey find or what will be everyones final bounties stuff like that. What therories do you have about one piece im just interested in what people have to say. Like some of my opinions/ideas is that the final battle will be between strawhats pirates and bb pirates but thats obvious i think but i also think the bb pirates would have defeated the red hair pirates. But after the sh pirates beat the bb pirates they will have a friendly battle with the red hair pirates so luffy can prove he is finally a better pirate than shanks. Also another one is that luffy will defeat most if not all the yonko and after he does some one will need o fill their spots i think that when these yonko are defeated the ones most likley to fill there positions will be pirates like law, drake, kidd, croodile, and marco also maybe hawkins but not so sure on him. In my opinion kidd or law will replace big mom drake will replace kaido crocodile would take shanks place if he ever died and marco would replace black beard. well thats just some of mine what are all your opinion/theories on what will happen?