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  • Kaidoyonko

    Akainu vs ?

    January 26, 2013 by Kaidoyonko

    Ok so it's safe to assume a lot of people want someone to beat the crap out of Akainu and probably most of you think it will be luffy right? Well, as cool as it would be for luffy to fight him, i think that garp will be the one to get revenge on him for aces death. Because i think that battle will happen towards the end of onepiece during that huge war Oda keeps mentioning and i think that during that war Luffy will be fighting blackbeard so Garp will be beating Akainu since he is no longer a marine and can do that stuff. What do you guys think?

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  • Kaidoyonko

    Future One Piece

    June 20, 2012 by Kaidoyonko

    What do you guys think will happen later in one piece. I mean any ideas are good. Like will Zoro get better swords or what types of islands or enemies wil lthey find or what will be everyones final bounties stuff like that. What therories do you have about one piece im just interested in what people have to say. Like some of my opinions/ideas is that the final battle will be between strawhats pirates and bb pirates but thats obvious i think but i also think the bb pirates would have defeated the red hair pirates. But after the sh pirates beat the bb pirates they will have a friendly battle with the red hair pirates so luffy can prove he is finally a better pirate than shanks. Also another one is that luffy will defeat most if not all the y…

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  • Kaidoyonko

    hey what is everyones opinions on the yonkos powers and abilities and bounties and what not? I think that the yonko have bounties of 1,000,000,000 or more cause if all the yonko are about equal to whitebeard or shanks then that would make sense cause plus they have lots of influance in the new world and are in charge of really powerful crews. also this is my opinion but this is what i think the yonkos powers are or what they mainly use to fight

    Shanks- haki

    Kaido- zoan fruit(i hope it would be a tiger or maybe a mythical zoan)

    Big Mom- logia(but probably some weird logia if she did) or maybe paramecia

    Black Beard- Logia and Paramecia(darkness and earthquake) plus whatever other df he has gotten over the 2 year time skip

    i think that also all th…

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