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As Bleach is coming to a close this week, I've been thinking a lot about the One Piece series and its place in the manga world. One Piece is undoubtedly the king of the current manga scene, with possibly only Dragon Ball eclipsing it in terms of its cultural reach. It's especially popular in Japan, and it's had a bit of a rocky going in the West unlike Naruto and Bleach, but its popularity there is only growing. With Bleach ending, One Piece is the only member of the Big Three still running, and is very likely to go on for at least 10 more years. And what makes it even more interesting is that it still feels fresh after all this time, and people are excited to keep going, in contrast to Naruto and Bleach which debuted after One Piece and ended much sooner than it will, yet many people grew extremely exhausted and aggravated towards them at their ends.

But the focus of this blog isn't really to detail One Piece's place in the whole world, but its place with you. Out of all the manga you read, where does One Piece fit into that scheme? Is it your favorite manga ever? Do you only read it in your spare time? Do you hate it and read it just to mock it?

For me, I can without a doubt say that One Piece is currently my favorite manga. I don't read that much manga, so my decision may not be as detailed as some of yours, but I haven't yet read anything that can knock it of. I enjoyed reading Naruto and Bleach for the most part, but their stories, characters, and worlds don't come close to One Piece's. The other manga I read are mostly smaller ones that are much shorter, and while I really do enjoy some of them (especially Slam Dunk and Death Note), they can't quite reach One Piece's scope.

What is your opinion of One Piece in comparison to the other manga you read? Comment below!

What is your opinion of One Piece in comparison to the other manga you read?

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