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Worst Fights

Hello everyone, here's a blog I pulled from my anus about 3 seconds ago.

There are many great fights in One Piece, but alas, not all of them can have the same quality. Some ended up being subpar, due to many reasons. They could be too brief, or too long. Or they could have been ended by a really cheap move. So, what One Piece fights do you consider the worst?

Personally, I really didn't like Luffy and Buggy's fight. There was too little battle, interspersed with tons of commentary on Luffy's straw hat and Buggy's grudge on Shanks. Not to mention Buggy being a general douche and going after Nami a lot. I recently watched this fight in the anime and it was really dull. I lost track of the number of times Luffy called Buggy a bastard.

Also, there was Zoro vs. Pica. Zoro would have defeated the guy 30 chapters ago if Pica wasn't such a cowardly douche.

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