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Hello and welcome to the second annual edition of Wikia Colosseum! This is a roleplaying game based off the Corrida Colosseum where 68 selected wiki users fight to the death in four blocks until one person is left standing. Then, in the final round, the four winners will go up against our illustrious admins to fight for the ultimate prize, the Emote Emote no Mi (allows you to force AoD to make one chat emoticon for you).

The battle will occur in the comments, where anyone can control the actions of the fighters. If a fighter is killed or knocked out of the ring, they are eliminated from the match. It's basically like the Hunger Games except you have control over your fate (and everyone else's.) Rules are lax, but don't kill more than one person per comment, I like many comments. For further reference on how this works, feel free to check out last year's tournament (which Sosuke Aizen won; don't ask me how that happened)

Wikia Colosseum
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B Block
C Block
D Block

Today, of course, we will start with Block A. I'll be updating this chart as contestants get eliminated. So let the games begin! *hits gong*

Block A