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Wikia Colosseum: The Finals


It's here.

Four combatants have emerged through sheer luck, unbelievable fortune, unusual attacks, inept commentators, and battle skill. There's...the passive yet incorrigible chatmod, Man of Myth is Dayman! There's the user no one noticed until everyone else was eliminated, M4ND0N! There's the great and powerful former admin who's been true to his avi and shown that being old makes no difference, MasterDeva! And finally, the blogging legend who doesn't come here a lot, but is always ready to put on a face, Monkey.D. Ricizubi!

And they are now facing the ultimate opponents, the top executives, the admins! (sans Kage, but no one likes him anyways). Will any of them be up to the challenge? Who will win the ultimate prize, now about to be revealed...the...







Now since this is a battle of the "masters" please don't eliminate someone every comment. Otherwise this'll be over way too quickly and be no fun.

Get pumped.

Get blown.

Get jumpy.

Get hip to my bad references.

And the winner is...MIZUAKIYUME/SOSUKE AIZEN!!!

So my comment below I guess. So concludes the Wikia Colosseum. Now I'll be going on "break" for a few weeks, because of finals and because this wiki is burning me out. Don't celebrate just yet, though. I'll still blog, just not as much. Coming up next, Ban the Person Below You 2! *JSD goes into rage deletion mode*

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