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Wikia Colosseum: Block A

Welcome to the Wikia Colosseum!

If you didn't catch what's happening, what happens is that all the wiki users are going to fight in a ring to the death. There will be four block battles. Finally, the winners of each block battle will go head-to-head in a battle royale against the Top Executives!

And now, here are our blocks

Wikia Colosseum
Top Executives
Block Battles
A Block
B Block
C Block
D Block

Man of Myth is Dayman

I didn't include Kage as top executive because this was made before he was admin and I couldn't create a balanced table with 5 executives. Also I hate him >:D

So Kaido, how do we play this game?

It's simple, really Nova. Here are the rules:

  • Comment below with an action one of the users in the block takes. It could be attacking someone, forming an alliance, getting knocked out, who knows?
    • For example, I could write Staw trips out of the ring or Nova hits Lel with Drunken Fist.
  • You may only knock one user out of the ring in each comment.
  • Three people must comment after you before you can comment again.
  • Once a user is knocked out, they are eliminated from the battle! No resurrections!
  • Most importantly, have fun and get creative.

Obviously, we'll start with Block C first.


Block A

Which of these contestants shall take the Block A crown? Let the games begin.

UPDATE: ANYONE can narrate what the contestants are doing, even if you're not currently participating. Sorry for the mixup, any user can join in.

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