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So, a couple of weeks ago I was walking to my house when I pondered the greatest question of all: Why does Doflamingo carry a gun? I mean, he has his strings which he can use to cause bullet-like damage. See what he did to Ucy in Chapter 752.

So I decided to make a blog about this. However, a few days after I first started to ponder, I realized the answer. But I'm not about to let a great blog go to waste! I'll provide my own answer to this question!

Why does Doflamingo carry a gun?

Doflamingo wears a flamingo jacket/

Flamingos are pink.

Pink is the emblem of Breast Cancer Awareness.

My gerbil got cancer.

Gerbils are part of the rodent family.

Some rodents like cheese.

One kind of cheese is Swiss Cheese.

Swiss Cheese has holes in it.

People are put in holes when they die.

People die when they get shot.

You use a gun to shoot people.

And that is why, my friends, Doflamingo carries a gun.

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