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This chapter has raised a LOT of questions and lead-ins, as is typical for falling action chapters. This is probably the most lead-ins in any chapter I've seen since I joined this Wiki. There's the Supernovas and their stuff, Desperate Houseadmirals, and MY IMPORTANT QUESTION IF LAW IS OK IS HE OK DAMMIT????!

But there was one topic brought up that hasn't been mentioned at all, and which I was thinking about even before the chapter came out: this punk

We all know that Tashigi and the children who won't be written out of the story are headed to Vegapunk's lair. Also, Vegapunk is also confirmed to be the only person who knows the real truth about Devil Fruits, making a visit to him by the Straw Hats unavoidable. We could see Vegapunk very soon, or we could have to wait. Tashigi did say that they were still a few days away from him, which in One Piece time is about 6 to 8 years.

But a meeting with Vegapunk is inevitable, so the question I want to ask is: Will he be hostile to the Straw Hats? He is old, and a scientist, evoking that "jolly old man" feel, but so far he's been portrayed as very morally ambiguous. He also works with the Marines, and his smexy bodyguard has expressed clear hostility toward the Straw Hats. However, there is the possibility that he will treat them well after he finds out Smokers' and the kids' affiliations with them.

So, what do you think?

Vegapunk will be

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