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And now, here comes the obligatory wiki teams blog!

Hello ladies. Every Thursday or Sunday, do you find yourself with a deep desire? An uncomfortable feeling that something is not right? Do you have the update every single page of anything involved in the latest chapter or episode?

If you do, or even if you only suffer from more minor symptoms, consider joining THE UPDATING CREW!

But Kaido, what does the updating crew do?

Well, let me pull out this handy dandy list here!

  • Writing long and short summaries for new chapters and episodes.
  • Updating the characters and other articles' with the newest information.
  • Expanding history sections on articles, and rewriting bad ones.
  • Making sure everything is updated with the newest and accurate information after the release of a chapter and episode.
  • Making sure the new information is properly referenced.

As you can tell from the list, we will often be working closely with the Grammar Crew and the Reference Crew, so I strongly suggest that if you are on those crews you come join this one! Stub crew too, because, a major part of our job is extending too-short summaries.

Right now our current sign-ups are MizuakiYume, Fintin, and (maybe) Jademing. New members are definitely wanted!

For more information on the crew, and to sign up, go to this page!

Already joined the crew, and desperately want something to work on? We've got a lot of summaries to update, so sign up to do some here!

If you wanna join, you can say in the comments, sign up on the Updating Crew page, or tell me on my talk page. And no pressure, but