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All right then. Much less of a big reveal chapter by far, but did have a ton of important character moments.

The Vinsmoke Family has a meal together for the first time in 11 years, and surprise surprise, Sanji's siblings have no food etiquette. Especially Niji, whose uncleared plate turns from just force of habit into more of a tool to make his brother angry. He then decides to take out his anger on the head chef, Cosette. Ding ding ding, violence against women, that's two anti-Sanji check marks right there. Sanji of course does the Sanji things of defending her and eating the food off the floor...not that it helps, as he gets a scolding from Papa as well as the very real threat of Zeff's head in a box (most likely unaware that Zeff died in a "ho ho ho" overdose situation two years ago).

Sanji then goes out, sees Cosette beaten up and acts sad, and then finds his family's cloning chamber. Wait, what? Yeah, it seems as though the white male utopia of the Germa Kingdom is comprised entirely of clones of Vergo's brother. An interesting feat to see here in the One Piece world, but it DOES seem kind of sad that Judge not only doesn't have land to rule over, but also doesn't actually have people, for the most part.

Oh wait, the chapter's over already? Yep, definitely a change in pace from previous chapters. Not sure I like it, but it is what it is. Yeah, it did give another character moment for Sanji, but I dunno, it just felt really hammered in that his family was trying to trigger him by doing the exact opposite of his beliefs. All though I did cry a bit (definition: frown slightly) when Cosette got beaten up, that's just too brutal man, I hope shes ok). Also, we still don't know why Sanji was trembling at the end of last chapter, because he seemed to treat Ichi and Ni the same as the rest of his family.

Hoping we at least get a peek of what's going on in the Seducing Woods next week

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