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Hello registered ladies and gentlemen who have been here 300 months and have 3 edits, I come to you with news from the talk page dimension. While certainly more peaceful than in the olden days, there are two major debates going on surrounding two controversial characters: Sanji and Monet. In order to raise awareness around these issues, I thought it would be good to explain in a blog what's been going on and possibly receive feedback. So...


Poor Sanji. Just when you thought he had it hard in Fishman Island, take a look at Punk Hazard. He continually got outclassed by greater opponents, and awful stuff was done to his heart. The worst came at the end though, when his captain Monkey D. Luffy, in a mad haze to kill a certain Trafalgar D. Water Law, stabbed his heart by mistake, leaving Sanji collapsed in a building that later exploded. Now, in any logical sense, he should be counted as dead. But other characters have survived freaky things before, like when Zoro picked up a building. Are the circumstances really enough for us to classify Sanji as dead?


Not very many people liked Monet, she was guy-crazy throughout most of the early New World. But that all changed when we found out she had a family. Not the Donquixote Family, but her flesh and blood parents. After dumping Monet and Sugar into a garbage dump due to procrastinating on getting abortions, their parents built a crime empire, ruling from a mobile air nation. However, Monet is being taken back to her parents to marry her first cousin and keep the lineage pure, and we learn that her full name is Vinsnow Monet. However, given that she hates her family, and has only been known as Monet before, is it better to keep it as just Monet? Or does the story demand that we use her full name?

Your feedback is appreciated in the comments

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What should Monet be called

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