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It's been 25 chapters since "Cora" was hinted at, 5 chapters since Law went further on Corazon and his relationship with Doflamingo, and 3 chapters since we actually got a glimpse into the past-which lasted a whole two pages.

This is really starting to annoy me. Due to Oda's procrastination, I've created three different Corazon backstories, each of which I've had to scrap due to it conflicting with the next "heart"less chapter haha. I'm seriously hoping that the flashback gets in full steam when Luffy, Law, Cabbage, and Kyros get to Doflamingo. Hopefully, that'll be next chapter, unless Oda completely wastes it on the puppets. (First living drawings, and now puppets. Sai and Sasori do not approve.)

Anyways, the real point of this blog is to see who can come up with the best Corazon backstory. Summaries are preferred to scripts, but either is ok. It can also be as wild and full of plot-holes as you want, this blog is DP-sanctioned. Just make it somewhat interesting and related to the story. If Oda stops procrastinating and we finally get the backstory soon, we might be able to see which prediction was the most accurate.

That is all. You are now free to comment.