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Just to get one thing straight: I specifically said POTHOLES, not PLOTHOLES. This blog is not to discuss plotholes. I'll explain the potholes in just a bit.

It is undoubted that One Piece is a great manga series. It's at 756 chapters and still going strong with no end in sight, yet very few people complain of it dragging. However, every great road has its potholes, and One Piece is no exception. Despite its wealth of great material, each of us have a certain point that we would like to forget because it just didn't hit with us. This blog is to discuss things in One Piece that you really didn't like.

Here are some of mine:

  • Fishman Island Arc: A tad too long for my tastes, especially since the villain was just like Arlong but without anything to rule over. I do find it important that we know about the relationship between fishmen and humans, but the flashback presenting it felt much too long in my opinion.
  • Foxy: Really. Not really needed. Nothing was achieved from this.
  • Jaya Arc: I don't know about you, but I found this arc to be a bit...boring. I never felt for any of the characters except Luffy, and I never invested much in the fight between him and Bellamy, as I knew it would be no contest.

You might disagree on these, but oh well. What were some events in One Piece that you just didn't like?