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Today we celebrate a landmark day in blogging. It has now been six years since the first blog was created on One Piece wiki, and it has been an interesting six years in the blogosphere. To commemorate this anniversary, let's take a look at important moments in our blog history, notable accomplishments, that sort of thing.

Since I haven't been here that long and I don't have fancy-shmancy data like AYET, all facts here come through digging and asking other users, and I may have missed stuff.


5275 blogs have been created as of 19:41 on July 11, 2015

Wikia created blogs in December 2008 but no one would make any for seven months

On this day in 2009, the first blog was created by SailorShiningLight, titled My Decided Return. There was nothing incredibly special about this blog, just a brief bio about the author and her activity at the time. However, it was the freaking first blog, so it gets god status.

On a side note, the first person to post a blog comment on this wiki was A Wikia Contributor. He has always been with us after all -=- A majority of the other comments were the old blog whores going back three years later to leave their mark on the first blog.

SSL did not write any more blogs, and the next one up would be Sables, who wrote two blogs...which were exactly the same. The first user to make two completely different blogs was the better-known Angel Emfrbl, who would later go on to become the wiki's first active blogger

And, as a little piece of trivia, the first blank blog ever created was then who is ace.,,? by Crewlorinz. Forever my hero...

One of the blogs that is posted to the wiki pretty much every week is a chapter review blog; the first ancestor to this was User blog:Mr grumpy/gehh for an unknown WB war chapter. Yeah, we had a long way to go. Notable chapter reviewers in the past have been Neowitch, JSD, MDM, Nova, and maybe me. Episode reviews also existed in the past, but were later retired due to it being the same thing as an old chapter.

On April 15, 2010, one of the first blog legends was born to Oda himself and his black mistress, User:Black Leg Sanji. Despite a slow start, BLS would later establish his claim to fame in his regular chapter predictions, which were lauded to be written almost in Oda's style. I wasn't there when he did those, so I can't say otherwise.

A little more than a month later, our very own User:DancePowderer wrote his first blog, meaning this is the earliest blog written by someone who still blogs today.

And not too long afterwards, User:Yatanogarasu made his first blog, and four more blogs on the same day! Although his run was brief, he achieved one of the biggest milestones of the blogosphere: the first blog to have over 100 comments! in a blog titled Sabo: Dead or Alive? which achieved 292 comments. Quite a fitting subject for that, actually, but we'll go into that later.

In 2011, User:Whiskey13 created the first OP Character Tournament, which would be passed down throughout the years and give rise to more tournaments, such as a female character tournament, a Devil Fruit tournament, a user tournament, and even a blog tournament! The first one in 2012 was very successful, and User:Pacifista15 took the title of blog king. A second, less successful one was made in 2015, which...I think I won...idk. There's probably more tournaments that I'm not thinking of.

Sometime ~2011-2012, User:Sff9 created the infamous code that locks comments after 30 days. Certainly good against wiki activity spamming, BUT there is still a way to get around that, though I would probably get banned if I said that you can comment on any blog with wikia's mobile site

Though arguable, 2012 could be considered the "peak" of blogging. In all of the blogs being made, a certain few users stood out among the rest. These were User:Monkey.D.Me, User:Neowitch, User:AYET, and User:LuffyPirateKing, among others. They were notable for blogging at least once a week, if not more, and stood out in that era. MDM and LPK stood out in particular due to their nonsensical but popular blogs aka trollbait, better known as AHOU BLOGS with User blog:Monkey.D.Me/Good Morning Class holding the record for most blog comments at a whopping 1,078, a record unlikely to be broken while admins still have sense.

Oh yeah, Ryu blogged too -_-

Also in 2012, DP disabled blogs as an April Fool's Joke, which lost its humor after some people took it too seriously. From 2012 to before, you could find many stupid blogs with questionable content, but that was soon not to be the case. To set up clear criteria for deletion, the Blog Rules were then made, which many users hated, including the person who started the forum. Now people actually had to think a little before making blogs, taking the fun out of it for some people.

While usually most of the criteria fell against blogs that were "stupid" like this or maybe this, others were banned because of content that could basically be considered a lighter for a flame war.

  • Yata's landmark Sabo blog set off numerous controversies, and later attempts to talk about the same thing got the same results. This ended up giving DP numerous ulcers, and due to his fearsome reputation back then it eventually became taboo. I believe Sabo is dead
  • Power level blogs, because power level blogs. Issho is way stronger than Doflamingo
  • Future bounties, idk, Luffy's final bounty will be Beli
  • Oh yeah Monet's ded

And so, blogs continued like this to the present day, an ever-changing variety. More new bloggers join regularly, while old ones retire (MDM, LPK) or become inactive (AYET, Neo). *Insert wishy washy statement here*

Notable Blogs

Here are some specific blogs written on this wiki that were very popular/unusual/achieved something/contained Pedobear. Then there are the blogs which failed miserably at their purpose in the second section


Also of note are Awaikage's blogs trolling Mangapanda translations and Enrik's (formerly) annual blogs, that is until he threw off the pattern and must now die in a birdfeeder.


Maybe he's all 3?

That ends my exhaustive blog history. So in your experience with blogs, which blogs/bloggers were the beast/worst to you?