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The Devil Fruit Contest

It's the fanboy here, with a simple little contest to provide something to do other than make fun of my fanboyishness.

Basically, create a Paramecia, Zoan, or Logia devil fruit that's obviously never been seen in this series before. After a few days, I'll host a poll where you vote on your favorite devil fruit from each category. You can create one Paramecia, one Zoan, and one Logia. Here are mine:

Paramecia: Hako Hako no Mi (Box-Box Fruit)-Allows you to turn anything, no matter how large, into a 2 by 2 box for easy storage. Also works on people. Particularly good for smuggling.

Zoan: Kaiju Kaiju no Mi, Model: Cthulhu - Turns you into a cthulhu, because cthulhus are cool.

I won't do a Logia because it will probably be a scramble to get one idea.

The contest begins now.

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