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Greetings and good tidings to everyone, except Pau.

Some time ago I was thinking about Pekoms. When I first saw him in 2013, I originally assumed he was a human who ate the lion devil fruit. But nope! He's a...lion who ate a turtle Devil Fruit! But seeing that he appears to naturally be a lion, I just have one question:


When considering his plight against animals who can talk and walk on two feet, I compiled several possible reasons:

  • Like Pappug, he thought he was human and adopted human traits
  • A human taught him human customs. Unlikely, but this is Oda after all.
  • He's not really a lion at all, just a person with modifications like Absalom. I doubt Oda would pull something like this twice, though.
  • His turtle devil fruit gave him the capability of human knowledge. This seems the most far-fetched, as only the Hito Hito no Mi is shown to do that, but we haven't seen any other animals consume Devil Fruits. Given that we've seen "Awakened Zoans," I wouldn't be surprised if enlightenment came with the eating or mastery of Zoan fruits.
  • Oda is going all out on character design and throwing logic out the window. Hey, it's happened before.

So, what are your thoughts on Pekoms? How is an animal able to have human traits this time?