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No, this isn't the Colosseum Finals, sorry :( >:D

Instead, I will be talking about a subject that was going to get a blog or two or three eventually: Devil Fruit Awakening. So hold on to your ass, because here's the first real discussion of it!

So we first got a glimpse of awakened fruits in Impel Down, but those were just Zoans and everyone was like "hurr derr derr it's special to Zoans" (taken directly from this wiki, and if you believe that I have some bags to sell you), and it certainly wouldn't be bad if it stayed with Zoans. Zoans were pretty much the under appreciated fruit class after all.

But now it seems that it applies to all Devil Fruits, and it's certainly an interesting powerup for future heroes and New World villains. And get this, it could certainly be a good powerup for Luffy THAT'S NOT GEAR FIFTH. Get excited, Nova and Staw.

The question I leave with y'all is, what Devil Fruits (particularly Paramecia or Logia) would you like to see awakened?

  • The ultimate prediction, yes, Gomu Gomu no Mi could have infinite stretching powers or something...I don't know.
  • Bara Bara could chop other objects at will, though that would be way too much like Ope Ope