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Some of you may claim this is too early, but I developed this story several months ago and considering what is going on currently I figured it would be a good time to post this backstory.

<The North Blue, around 40 years ago. Far, far, to the north, where the ocean is covered in ice and where few people venture, exists a village that lives off the bounty of the ice and sea. The people there know little of the outside world, as the only outsiders that come there is a trade ship that comes monthly. In that village, a 13-year-old boy named Issho and his 8-year-old brother, Olan, lie in bed. Sleep is far from Issho's mind, however.>

Issho: Are you awake, Olan? I need to tell you something...and you better keep it secret!

Olan: What is it, Issho?

Issho: I'm gonna go hunt a Sea King! So when morning arrives, I need you to cover for me!

Olan: WHAT? Are you crazy? Ma's gonna go ballistic, especially know, what happened to Pa...

Issho: That's my point! I'm old enough to join the hunting crew, but Ma won't let me because of Pa's accident! If I can show her I can catch a Sea King, she'll have to let me! Plus, being in hunting crew will give us benefits which can get us more food!

Olan: I know I can't stop you, big just don't die...

Issho: <laughs> Of course I won't die! Not while you and Ma are still alive! I gotta be the man of the house now and protect you guys!

<Soon after, Issho creeps out of the village, giant spear in hand and a pack on his back. After a while, he comes to a patch of water. As Issho prepares to lay the bait, he suddenly notices a ship on the horizon>

Issho: Huh? Why's a ship here? The trade ship was just here last week!

<Things start to get even more weird when Issho realizes the ship is coming in his direction. He notices that the flag is one composed of a skull and crossbones, but Issho has no idea what that stands for. By the time he finds out, the pirates are well in pursuit of him>


<Issho runs, but the pirates quickly overtake him. They put Issho in a chokehold and carry him to the pirate ship>

Crew Member: We've got him, Captain!

Captain: Good, goood...if he's from that village, then he knows about what we are looking for...the fruit of ultimate power!

<Issho realizes what the captain's talking about as he is loaded onto the ship. Not too far from the village, there was a branch made from the same material as a ship, which held one strangely coloured fruit. Legend stated that the person who ate that fruit would have the power to destroy the world. It was therefore forbidden to eat, and everyone in the village had taken an oath to guard it with their lives>

Captain: Alright, kid, I'm willing to be easy on you. Just tell me where that fruit is, and I'll let you go, not a mark on your body.

Issho: I-I won't tell you a thing!!!

Captain: Very well. You brought this on yourself. Take out his left eye.

<A crew member slashes down Issho's forehead, across his left eye. Issho screams in pain>

Captain: Now, would you like us to go further? Or just tell us now?

Issho: I swore...everyone-in the village-swore...we won't-let people like-you get it!

Crew Member: Should I take out his right eye, Captain?

Captain: No...this boy has made it clear that we won't get anything from that village. So we move into our next course of action...which I want the boy to clearly see.

<The ship sets sail, and Issho has no idea what is going to happen. However, it stops after several minutes, and Issho with a shock sees where they are>

Issho: NO! NO! PLEASE...!

Captain: Would you like us to call off our plan? Very well...I only need the fruit's location.

<Issho finds himself with a very hard choice to make. Break his oath and bring eternal shame on himself, as well as endanger the world? Or watch the pirates execute their plan which would leave him completely broken? Issho could not say anything>

Captain: I'll take that as a no! Aim cannons!

Issho: NOOOOOO! <starts wailing and tries to run away, but is restrained by a crew member>

Crew Member: Oh no you don't...Captain wants you to see every second of this!

Captain: FIRE!

<The ship's cannons fire at Issho's home village, causing several shelters to explode. Issho can do nothing but wail as more cannonballs are loaded and the panicking villagers are shot down by sharpshooters. Finally, the attack comes to a close, and Issho's village is left in ruins. The Captain nods to the crew member restraining him, and the crew member slashes him across his right eye. However, before he does that, Issho sees one final sight: His mother and Olan running across the ice, when suddenly they are caught in a cannonball explosion. As the pirates finish off the last remnants of the village and head off, Issho, now without his sight, sits in a corner, not making a sound. He is totally and completely broken>

Crew Member: What're we gonna do with the kid, Captain? Should we kill him?

Captain: No...I want him to keep the memories we gave him. We'll maroon him on a nearby ice shore and punish him for his defiance by showing him true hell!

<Issho hears the Captain's plans for him, but does not think much of it. He has already been through the worst hell, and the sooner he dies, the better. Suddenly, loud noises break out>

Crew Member: Captain! Look!

Captain: NO! It can't be!! Everyone, to battle stations!

<For several minutes, cannons burst, guns shoot, and swords clash as the two ships battle. Issho hides in the corner, not knowing what is happening, when suddenly everything goes quiet. Issho hears a pair of footsteps headed for him, and he knows it is not the Captain's>

Issho: Please...whoever you are, just kill me! My life has already been taken away, but my body is still alive! PLEASE-KILL ME!!!

???: It's OK. You're safe now. I'm gonna give you your life back.

To be continued!!