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Hallo everybody, just a short blog today. The question: Which Devil Fruit powers are the strangest in all of One Piece? Which Devil Fruits made you think: Why the heck did Oda come up with such a strange power?

Here are my picks:

  • Bane Bane no Mi: Becoming a human slinky? While it would make sense to have a power that allowed for high jumping, Bane Bane was quite outside the box. Unfortunately it was eaten by a loser among loser characters, so we may never know its full potential
  • Awa Awa no Mi: This must have required a lot of creative thinking, and if you think about it this power is very, very close to the Sube Sube no Mi's. Oda didn't do a bad job with this concept, but I never cared much for this fruit.
  • Beri Beri no Mi: Balls.
  • Kage Kage no Mi: The powers granted by this fruit kinda felt random. First you have the controlling shadows, then you have the personality transplants and the vaporization in sunlight. It doesn't really mesh that well.
  • Woshu Woshu no Mi: I need no explanation for how strange this one is.
  • Mero Mero no Mi: I think this would have would have made more sense with its name if the user could actually control people's attraction levels rather than...using it to petrify them. If Hancock wasn't so sexy, would she have been able to use the fruit effectively?
    • Also, random discussion question: Would Hancock's powers work on Pica?
  • 'Jake Jake no Mi:' "Make sure you put on your brother before you go out, sweetie-pie!"
  • Guru Guru no Mi: Tell me how this is any different from the Shari Shari no Mi.

What Devil Fruit powers do you consider truly strange?