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Man, I can't believe it's been three weeks since I've written a blog! But your respite ends now, wiki users!

As some of you may know due to me whoring over it for about a month on chat, this is also my 100th blog. So of course I had to find something special for it. But not too long ago, something special came to me! As you all know by now, One Piece broke the Guinness World Record for...selling a lot of books. Now, I don't have much respect for Guinness due to this guy having 700 records for things like running a mile while balancing a baseball bat/bouncing on a kangaroo ball, all that good stuff. But it's still a remarkable accomplishment nonetheless, and one unlikely to be broken.

Now, that got me to thinking, what other records could One Piece set? Then it devolved into the records One Piece characters could set. And finally, I thought, why not give our very own users "records?" Here are some of mine:

One Piece:

  • Most presumed deaths reversed
  • Longest story arc placed in the middle of a saga
  • Least healthy mangaka


  • The record for fastest mile run while inside a cage goes to Monkey D. Luffy
  • The record for most gallons of blood contained in body goes to Roronoa Zoro (∞)
  • Record for largest natural breasts would go to Nami or Hancock, but our workers were unable to measure them, and so the record goes to Nico Robin, as she was the only one who did not grievously injure our workers
  • Record for most bodily modifications goes to Absalom
  • Record for hardest head head goes not to Chinjao, but was instead broken by Bellamy

Wiki Users:

What other "records" have characters and users broken? Share them in the comments. Well, that's my 100th blog, here's to 1200 more.

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