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Welcome, one and all, to the One Piece Wiki Summer Hunger Games! Formerly hosted by Jademing, and has something or other to do with the Fairy Tail Wiki for whatever reason, I'm proud to announce that I'll be taking it over this year after exiling Jade to Pyongyang. So here we go!

The way this Hunger Games works is that I need 24 of you to sign up. After receiving 24 signups, I will put all of you into an online simulator that puts you through a thorough Hunger Games experience. Whether you die of cholera, get shot after some kid falls into your exhibit, or go on to win it all, it's all at the mercy of the simulator. For a firsthand experience of what this game is like, see here.

When you sign up, please provide four things:

  • Your username (obvs)
  • Your nickname (what you'll be called during the game's events)
  • A direct link to your avatar (so I can put it in the simulator)
  • Your choice for your district partner (not guaranteed to happen)

I'll be gone this week, so I'm hoping signups can fill up by the end of the week. So sign up! Else I'll unleash the Spanish inquisition on you, quit, and have AOD host the game. So let's get the fun started (° ͜ʖ°)