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With the end of the year upon us, and the blog well running a bit dry, why not take this time to recognize this year's best and worst highlights in blogging? From last year's failed Secret Santa recap to the latest Rokushiki Robin update, anything is fair game.


  • Nominate a blog for each section in the comments. You don't have to nominate a blog for every section.
  • Unlike previous nominations, you are allowed to nominate your own blogs this time. However, be smart and actually nominate blogs that you think best fit the category.


  • Best Overall: Simply, your most favorite blog written this year. You may also nominate this blog in other sections.
  • Best Blogger: The user with the most successful blog career of 2015, or anyone you liked reading the most!
  • Most Well-Written: The blog you thought was expressed the best
  • Funniest: The blog that made you crack up the most
  • Best Prediction: The prediction you most enjoyed reading, doesn't have to be accurate.
  • Best Fanfic: Not sure how many we had this year, but yeah, the most well-written fanfic.
  • Best Chapter Review: Many were formulaic, but did any one stand out in particular?
  • Best Comment Section: Blog content does not matter; what comment section did you most enjoy?
  • Worst Blog: Anything that escaped deletion is fair game for this one.
  • Best Deleted Blog: What deleted blog did you like the most? You should provide a link for this one.

All right, time for nominations! If this blog is successful there may be voting rounds to determine the winner of each category.