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Whelp, One Piece is on break again, whoopee!! I don't feel like going back and checking, but I'm pretty sure the number of hiatuses that have happened during the Dressrosa Arc are in the double digits. Probably over 20, perhaps near 30.

This is not to rag on Oda for going on hiatus frequently. I'd rather have the Dressrosa Arc take five years and be high quality throughout rather than it take two years, be low quality, and Oda dies of overwork weeks later.

Many times we get a legitimate explanation for Oda's hiatus, whether it's tonsil operations or doing research ("reasearch" heh heh heh) But sometimes we're left guessing as to why he went on hiatus. Like now. Or maybe it's just me. So why did he go on hiatus? You, my frenemy, supply the reason why!

My Story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, Pekoms came up to Oda's doorstep. He told Oda he had better bang Big Mom or else she would eat the Straw Hat crew. Oda said he could kill off Big Mom instantly, but then she ate the Going Merry. Knowing anyone who had banged Big Mom never returned, Oda hired 100+ nakamas from the delicious nakama island to make her some attack cookies. Big Mom ate the cookies and then turned into a little girl known as Sugar. Sugar then had Doffy attack the thousand sunny, but was unsuccessful in getting her point across

Oda then hid on the Thousand Sunny to escape from Pekoms and the other nameless side characters. But they found him. And did horrible things to him. Which is why the Thousand Sunny has not been seen for 40+ chapters. Oda now is taking hiatus to recover and to draw the epic scene of Sugar turning back into Big Mom, crushing all the other Donquixote Executives, and then eating Doflamingo, Law, and Bellamy.

What is your Oda hiatus story??????????