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Hello everyone, it's me again! Here for one last blog of 2014! 2014, in my opinion, was my best year on One Piece Wiki. Of course, it's also the only year I've been on this wiki. Because, in truth, it [CENSORED].

Since I was only here this year, I can't compare this year on the wiki to other years. So to veterans, how did this compare?

Now, for resolutions. What do you want to improve on in this wiki? Here are some of mine?

  • Make more article edits (Although I already have a whopping 74, so no need to go too fast)
  • Get on chat more
  • Make even MORE and even BETTER blogs. (The first part is guaranteed. The second part is, eh, more difficult)
  • Ignore overwhelming forums and save my sanity
  • Use images more, like below!

So what are your resolutions?

On an unrelated note, here is something I made when I was bored. Jabra the Hutt

Here's a toast to 2015! Toast!

How was 2014?

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