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Heyy there sorry for the terrible title. Let's address a question that is bound to be answered soon: What is the treasure that Doflamingo stole from the World Nobles?

What we know about it:

  • It can shake the world
  • Its owner could rule the entire world
  • You need immortality to unlock its true potential

Well, this treasure certainly ain't no treasure chest. What could it be then?

Maybe it's the One Piece

Here is my incredibly stupid awesome prediction. The World Nobles' national treasure is a Poneglyph...that contains information on the Uranus! (not the kind with a crack in it) Here's why this makes sense:

  • The World Gov is really strong. It would take a lot of strength and power to bring it down. They are, however, afraid of the Ancient Weapons, and are desperate to get them.
  • Ancient Weapons are capable of mass destruction, hence the "shaking of the world"
  • Almost everyone is unable to read Poneglyphs, and that includes Doffy. Given the actions the World Gov has taken, it would take someone a very, very long time to find a way to translate it. Enter the Ope Ope no Mi. If Doflamingo had eternal youth, he could possibly eventually figure out a translation to the Poneglyph, which would allow him to build the Uranus.
  • It fits in with the story's direction - Not too long ago, we discovered the second Ancient Weapon: Poseidon aka Shirahoshi. That plus the whole Pluton business back in the caveman times have shown us that the plot device of the Ancient Weapons is integral in the plot development of the Straw Hats' conflict against the World Gov. Since this arc has introduced so many things that will pave the way for the series' future, now's a good a time as ever to bring the last Ancient Weapon in!

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